Business Control Systems has complete easy to use point of sale systems, point of sale software and point of sale terminals.

"Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools"

-Marshall McLuhan (Theorist of Mass Communication)

Retail & Wholesale POS Systems

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Business Type Product
Small Business POS

  • Work Stations: Limited Number
  • Yearly Revenue: Under $1M
  • Locations: Single Location
  • Owner Operated
Level I Product:
Provides Fewer Reports with More Consolidated Information:

  • Inventory Tracking & Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Customer Tracking
  • Marketing Tools
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Cash Drawer Reporting
  • Point of Sale Functionality
  • Purchasing Advice Reports
Mid-Range Business POS

  • Work Stations: Multiple
  • Yearly Revenue: $750K – $2M
  • Locations: Single or Multiple Locations
  • Department Managers: Several
Level II Product:
All Level 1 Features PLUS:

  • Purchase Order Processing
  • More Reports with Department Specific Information
  • Inventory Layout Tracking
  • Advanced Point of Sale Functionality, Inventory Functionality, Inventory Analysis, Customer Analysis
  • Customer Pictures
  • Products Pictures
  • Product Specifications
  • Multi Location Integration
  • Multi Location Inventory Advice
  • Automatic Customer Marketing Tools
  • User Functionality Control
  • User Activity Analysis
  • Portable Device Integration
  • Data Entry Enhancement Tools (Macros)
Large Scale POS

  • Work Stations: 50 +
  • Yearly Revenue: $2M +
  • Locations: Single or Multiple Locations
  • Department Managers: Numerous
Level III Product:
All Level I and Level II Features PLUS:

  • SQL Database
  • Multiple Operating Systems
  • Automated Sales Order Fulfillment & Purchasing
  • Purchasing Budget Tools
  • User Transaction Specific Security Controls
  • Wireless Device Integration
  • Field Customization
  • Transaction & Report Customization
  • Batch Control Processing
  • ODBC Access
  • Data Importing & Exporting
  • Data Mining
  • WAN Functionality
  • EDI

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