Business Control Systems has complete easy to use point of sale systems, point of sale software and point of sale terminals.

"Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools"

-Marshall McLuhan (Theorist of Mass Communication)

Mid-Range Business POS

This POS system brings the most advanced technology
available in a full-featured suite of applications for Retailers and Distributors.

The OneStep-JV Point of Sale System combines the Power and Flexibility of Java and Oracle.

Written in Java with Oracle as the embedded database at its foundation, OneStep-JV point of sale systems bring the
most advanced and reliable technology and inventory management software available to achieve operational stability and cross-platform portability for Retailers and Distributors.

The use of Java enables the operation of OneStep-JV POS systems on single user computers, small and very large-scale networks and portable devices like Palm Tops running over a multitude of Operating Systems such as Windows and Windows Networks, Novell, Unix and Linux.

The stability of Oracle gives OneStep-JV POS systems a resilient database foundation designed with auto-recovery features to enable database and inventory control software integrity under the most critical circumstances.

These powerful tools are blended together in the OneStep-JV point of sale software to bring ease of use to the following operational functions:

  • Simple Menu Driven Interface – Easy to Use
  • Ring-up Sales by Scanning Barcodes – Infinite number of barcodes per Item
  • Automatically Track Overages and Shortages
  • Process & Ship Orders
  • Track Receivings
  • Identify Shrinkage
  • Know Your Customer’s Buying Patterns
  • Know Your Profits on Each Item
  • Know Your Profits on Every Transaction
  • Know Your Profits for the Day, Month or Year
  • Know Your Fast & Slow Movers
  • Control Your Inventory
  • Control Your Purchasing by:
    • Reorder Levels
    • Replenishment for Date Ranges
    • Calculated Days of Supply
    • Profitability Forecast
    • Replenishment for Date Ranges
    • Calculated Days of Supply
  • Purchase for Seasonal Requirements
  • Print Barcode Price Labels
  • Provide Timely, Accurate Sales Reports
  • Do Targeted Mailings to Increase Sales
  • Reduce Checkout Errors & Shrinkage
  • Accept Multiple Methods of Payment
  • Track Sales & Staffing by Time of Day
  • Access Your System from anywhere
  • Build your Web Catalog directly from your inventory file

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