Business Control Systems has complete easy to use point of sale systems, point of sale software and point of sale terminals.

"Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools"

-Marshall McLuhan (Theorist of Mass Communication)

Large-Scale Business POS

This point of sale system contains an incredible suite of applications that provide basic and advanced functions needed to run and control large-scale Retail and Distribution operations.

This inventory management software and point of sale system has been designed to be hardware-independent. It takes an open architecture approach to ensure compatibility with a variety of computer platforms and peripheral devices. This point of sale system is available in Single Store or Multi-Store configurations. It is designed to support a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows, Netware, Unix/Linux, and Citrix.

This point of sale system consists of multiple integrated modules designed to provide complete operational control. The base system includes the following functions:

  • Point of Sale (Touch Screen or Form Entry)
  • Inventory Control (with Grids / Apparel)
  • Customer Management
  • Purchasing
  • Label Processing (Inventory, Mailing etc)
  • E-Commerce
  • Sales History
  • Timecards
  • Credit Cards Processing (SMP)
  • Gift Registry
  • Frequent Shopper
  • E-Mail (Internal and Web based)
  • Accounting Interface
  • System & Utility Functions

Optional Modules include:

  • Basic Accounting (GL, AP and Check Rec)
  • Receivables
  • Order Entry (for Distributors)
  • Kits Pre-build / Miscellaneous ( Bill of Material tracking)
  • Serial / Lot Number Tracking
  • Data Interchange (Ability to bring data to and from other systems)
  • SQL Connection (Ability to bring data into Excel, Access, Word, etc.)
  • Credit Cards (non-SMP)
  • Offline Ticket Entry (Ability to process while network is not operational)
  • Open To Buy
  • Rentals
  • Price Pack (Ability to uniquely price multiple locations)
  • Cost Pack (Ability to LIFO/FIFO Cost)
  • Modem Server (Single Point Credit Card Processing)
  • Web Based Credit Card Processing
  • Multi-Currency PO
  • Wireless Order Processing and Inventory Management


BCSC specializes in accommodating the unique requirements of many industries.For additional information contact our sales team at (800) 233-5876 Ext. 233.

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